Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a 2013 television spinoff of Marvel's wildly successful Cinematic Universe series of films. It revovles around the exploits of Phil Coulson and his team of agents battling the forces of HYDRA.

Yes Man (Season 1, Episode 15)Edit

An Asgardian named Lorelei escaped her captivity on Asgard and came to Midgard (Earth), lady Sif of asgard is sent to capture and bring her back to Asgard, since Lorelei's power works on men only lady Sif was sent to do the job. Lady Sif explains Lorelei's history of destruction and her power to the agents of SHIELD:

"600 years ago, she used her powers To wreak havoc across the nine realms,To command armies, bring down kings, empires."

"What kind of powers we talking about?"

"Sorcery. She bends and shapes the will of men To her own purpose."

"Only men? Her powers don't work on women?"

"No. Men have an inherent weakness we do not share. The very sound of her voice can ensnare most. For the rare man who can resist, It's her voice joined by her touch That will overpower his will. She escaped when the dark elves invaded asgard".

Lorelei lands on earth in a desolate desert and encounter a newly married couple, she enslave the man, and take him from his wife to serve her needs. later on when she sees a gang of bikers, she decide she doesn't need him anymore and bash him at he's car. She then decides she prefer the bikers gang to work for her so she enslave their leader "Rooster" and his men. when she discovers that Rooster has a wife she makes him kill his wife for her. later on she makes the bikers and a couple of cops to fight Sif on her behalf.  

When she sees the gang are about to lose the battle against Sif she turns to ensnare Ward and fitz to help her fight Sif.


Making Friends and Influencing People (Season 2, Episode 3)Edit

Agent 33 is subjected to "the Faustus Method" of brainwashing to become a loyal HYDRA agent.

The Team (Season 3, Episode 17) Edit

Skye/Daisy is controlled by Ward.