Disney Aladdin intertitle

Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Disney Television Animation which aired from 1994 to 1995, based on the original 1992 Disney film of the same name. It was animated at the Slightly Offbeat Productions Studios in Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand. The series followed the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar, and picked up where that instalment left off, with Aladdin still living on the streets of Agrabah, but now engaged to beautiful and spunky Princess Jasmine. "Al" and Jasmine, along with monkey sidekick Abu, the animated Magic Carpet, and the fast-talking, shape-shifting Genie came along to help, as did sassy, complaining parrot Iago, formerly Jafar's assistant but now a good and neutral character.

I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like (Season 1, Episode 16) Edit

Mechanicles, in another attempt to defeat Aladdin, tries to hypnotize all of Aladdin's friends with a valet-style automaton named "Gregarious", given to Sultan as an apparent gift of peace, and fails to notice that Genie and Carpet (being supernatural) are not affected by his hypnotic-eyed creation.

While the City Snoozes (Season 3, Episode 4) Edit

All Aladdin friends are asleep and fell under the spell of Mirage, except Aladdin. But after the final fight with one of Mirage's illusions, Aladdin feels very tired. That's when Mirage tries to make him sleep with a spell