Inspector Gadget is a 1983 series revolving around Inspector Gadget, a secret agent enhanced with a limitless supply of doo-dads, and his niece, Penny, who secretly keeps her uncle safe and cracks the case, as they battle the forces of KLAW, a sinister organization bent on world conquest.

A Star is Lost (Season 1, Episode 11)Edit

KLAW kidnaps a rock star, Rick Rocker, with the intent of brainwashing him using a record and taking control of his legions of fans. When Penny goes to rescue Rocker, Dr. Claw activates the record, quickly ensnaring Penny, Rick, and Gadget, who wanders into the room, as well as his own cat. The day is saved when Gadget collapses on the record, halting it.

Quiz Master (Season 1, Episode 61)Edit

Gadget investigates a TV quiz show where contestants are hypnotized into robbing Armored cars and unwittingly becomes hypnotized himself while trying to win a new toaster.