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Nowhere Man was a 1995-1996 American television series about a man named Thomas Vail (Bruce Greenwood) whose life is turned upside-down when all traces of his existence are erased and everyone he knows-even his wife (Megan Gallagher)- claim that they have never met him. Thomas suspects that someone is out to destroy him because of a photograph he took while on assignment in South America. He goes on the run, trying to solve the mystery of the photograph while dodging the people who will do anything to get their hands on the photo and its negatives.

Something About Her (Season 1, Episode 4) Edit

Thomas is kidnapped and drugged into thinking that he is in love with a photographer named Karin (Carrie-Anne Moss). She is actually an actress who has been hired to convince Thomas to hand over the negatives to her.

The Alpha Spike (Season 1, Episode 8) Edit

Thomas investigates a boarding school where the students are being brainwashed using subliminal messages.

Stay Tuned (Season 1, Episode 17) Edit

Thomas tracks a lead to a small town where everyone is extremely polite, friendly, civic-minded, and supportive of their local politician Jim Hubbard (Cliff DeYoung), who is running for governor. Thomas joins with Michael (Billy O'Sullivan), an outcast teenager, and Janet (Karen Witter), a new teacher in town, to figure out what is going on. Janet is hypnotized by a television and Thomas is forced to watch one as well, putting them under Hubbard's spell. Michael is able to break Thomas free and the two of them work to put an end to Hubbard's political ambitions.

Marathon (Season 1, Episode 24) Edit

A group of masked gunmen massacre the staff of a research center. Only Thomas and a secretary named Jenny Hsu (Kayla Blake) manage to escape. Jenny explains that the research center is a front for a government operation that is tracking the people who have been chasing Thomas. As Thomas investigates further, he discovers a dangerous conspiracy involving brainwashing.