Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2012 reboot of the TMNT cartoon series, and the third cartoon created (not counting the OVA). It stars capture the four familiar turtles and April battling foes such as Shredder, the Kraang, and various mutant menaces.

I Monster (Season 1, Episode 13) Edit

The Turtles must face off against a new enemy, The Rat King, who threatens not only to take control of the city, but Splinter's mind as well.

Pizza Face (Season 2, Episode 19)Edit

In this episode, a mutant pizza chef uses mind control pizzas to capture April, Splinter, three of the turtles, and random New York citizens in order to cook them into calzones and devour them.

A Chinatown Ghost Story (Season 2, Episode 23) Edit

Ho Chan, a ghost that serves as the antagonist for this episode, turn Leo, Raph and Mikey into his minions, he also use his magic to put Irma to sleep.

Clash of the Mutanimals (Season 3, Episode 16) Edit

With his mind-control serum completed, The Shredder kidnaps Slash, Rockwell, and Raph and uses them as his hypnotized slaves to kill both the Turtles and the Mutanimals.

City at War (Season 4, Episode 15) Edit

Karai seeks to destroy Shredder's criminal empire in New York City, in order to do that she enlist the help of Shinigami an old friend of hers. Shinigami is a witch who hides in her hat multiple weapons, among them is a mesmerizing gem. During a fight with Shredder's loyalist faction, Shinigami attempts to lower Tiger Claw's guard through hypnosis.

Broken Foot (Season 4, Episode 16) Edit

Karai and Shinigami attack a temple that Shredder use as a front to hide all his laundered money. They ends up being ambushed by Hun and the Purple Dragons, during the fight Shinigami restrain one the Purple Dragons with her Kusarigama, she then use her mesmerizing gem to make him hallucinate that he is being attacked by a giant demon.

The Crypt of Dracula Edit

Raphael is bitten by Dracula and fall under his control.

The Frankenstein Experiment Edit

Dracula hypnotize doctor Viktor Frankenstein.