The Bold and the Beautiful is an American television soap opera that has been running since 1987. It focuses on the rivalry between two wealthy and powerful families and their competing fashion companies.

Episodes #2868 and #2873 Edit

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is working with Pierce (Paul Satterfield) on a project that involves using hypnosis to help people solve their psychological issues. She is skeptical that it will work, so he hypnotizes her. He gives her a post-hypnotic suggestion that she will act as if she is 16 again. Later, he re-hypnotizes her to remove the suggestion but plants another- she will go into trance if she hears a certain bell ring.

Episode #2884 Edit

Pierce gives the bell to his assistant, Bailey (Paul Williams), asking him to throw it away. Instead, Bailey uses it to entrance Taylor. He gives her suggestions designed to break up her marriage and to make her fall in love with his boss.

Episode #2908 Edit

Pierce learns about what has been going on and hypnotizes Taylor one last time to deprogram her.