The Brides of Fu Manchu is a 1966 British/German movie about the evil supervillain Fu Manchu (Christopher Lee), whose plans for world domination are opposed by Scotland Yard detective Nayland Smith (Douglas Wilmer). The film was one of five in a series produced by Constantin Films and starring Lee, who was best known at the time for playing the role of Dracula. The Fu Manchu series was based on a series of action/detective novels written by English novelist Sax Rohmer.

Plot Summary Edit

The evil Fu Manchu kidnaps a number of young women, all daughters of well-known scientists, and holds them for ransom to force their father to help him to build a "death ray" superweapon. Fu and his daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin) use their hypnotic powers to keep the kidnapped women in line. Nayland Smith and his Scotland Yard team track the kidnappings and gradually close in on Fu Manchu's base just as the mastermind is ready to unleash his death ray against London. Meanwhile, two of the kidnapped women (Marie Versini and Carole Gray) try to stage a mass escape.