The Littlest Hobo was a 1979-1985 Canadian television series about an intelligent dog that wanders from town to town, stopping to help a humans in trouble.

Mystique (Season 2, Episode 17)[edit | edit source]

The Littlest Hobo befriends a young model named Heather (Elizabeth Edwards) who has begun struggling in front of the camera, threatening her career. The Hobo discovers that Heather's rival Shelly (Christine Cattell) and her hypnotist boyfriend Dr. Henshaw (John Evans) have hypnotized Heather and programmed her to fall into a blank trance whenever she hears the clicking of a camera shutter. On the day of a big photo shoot, Heather once again goes into a trance, but this time the Hobo arrives with proof of Dr. Henshaw's manipulations and the scheme is exposed.

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