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Totally Spies! (also titled Totally Spies!: Undercover for seasons 3-5) is a French and Canadian animated television series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel and produced by Marathon Media and Image Entertainment Corporation. The show was made to resemble anime styles and was originally based on the concept of a girl band. It focuses on three teenage girls in Beverly Hills, California, United States, who work as undercover super agents.

A Thing For Musicians (Season 1, Episode 1)Edit

When Clover is enchanted by Ricky's music, Sam and Alex investigate the recording studio and discover they are using special glowing CDs that brainwash listeners.

Child's Play (Season 1, Episode 5)Edit

Clover and Alex soon discover the Vladimir Kozirev, a toymaker from the 1970's, plans to make all adults of the world act like children to bring back his favorite doll, the "Little Ann".

Spy Gladiators (Season 1, Episode 10)Edit

The girls go undercover on a popular game show FIGHT (Fear Intimidation Gladiator Habitat) to discover why the famous Olympic decathele Reggie Willis and several other competitors have gone missing after losing on the show. It turns out that the host Vince King has been enslaving the contestants using mind-controlling electronic collars to make them into new gladiators.

Spy Vs Spy (Season 1, Episode 13)Edit

A trio of former WHOOP spies reappear after being missing for seven years. They team up with the girls on a new mission, but are secretly under the mind control of the villain who kidnapped them seven years ago,

Malled (Season 1, Episode 22)Edit

Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover investigate why stores are abducting people around the world. They travel to Australia and find a villain bent on getting rid of all the malls by building an army of men and women programmed to hate and destroy malls.

Mommies Dearest (Season 2, Episode 10)Edit

Looking for Mother's Day gifts for their mothers, Clover, Samantha, and Alexandra find a flyer about a special offer at a spa. But after they get there they notice that their mothers are not behaving normally. They find out that their arch nemesis Tim Scam has escaped from prison and has turned their mothers into cold-blooded assassins. In the end, Sam steals Scam's device that controls the brainwashed mothers. She alters the frequency on the control and the mothers beat up Scam instead.

W.O.W (Season 2, Episode 13)Edit

Women across America keep going berserk and attacking men and unaffected women. All of the berserkers turn out to be descendants of an ancient guild of warrior women, the Sisterhood, who intend to eliminate all men and inferior women.

Stark Raving Mad (Season 2, Episode 14)Edit

Former music manager and criminal Sebastian Saga escapes from prison and plots to use hypnotic music to get his revenge on the Spies.

Green with N.V( Season 2 Episode 33) Edit

The girls are entangled with a mission when they learn a new cologne, Possession, is causing men to go in search of their "true love", perfume designer Natalie Valentine. And unfortunately, even Jerry falls under its effects! The spies go undercover as men and figure out how Valentine makes her perfume.

Computer Creep Much? (Season 3, Episode 3)Edit

When a bunch of computer geeks have gone missing at the cyber cafes, the spy girls investigate and discover that an evil software designer has developed a virus that turns people into programming zombies. The virus transmits via cell phones and even the spies' own electronic gadgets! Clover is captured; Sam and even Jerry are brainwashed, leaving Alex to face the designer before he infects the entire world.

Evil Coffee Shop Much? (Season 3, Episode 5)Edit

People keep disappearing from the popular coffee shop 'Das Coffeehaus.' Sam falls under the shop owner's control.

Dental? More Like Mental (Season 3, Episode 11)Edit

Dentist Doctor Jay uses a special laughing gas to turn people into his mindless minions.

Power Yoga Much? Season 3, Episode 22)Edit

A yoga studio owner out for revenge brainwashes Sam into helping her.

The O.P. (Season 4, Episode 4)Edit

While on vacation, the Spies drive into the town of Ocean Paradise, where brainwashing is being used to create a Stepford-perfect village.

Arnold the Great (Season 4, Episode 10)Edit

Arnold decides to become a superhero after learning that the girls are secret agents, but his superhero equipment is secretly brainwashing him to destroy the Spies.

Mani-Maniac Much? (Season 4, Episode 11)Edit

Clover falls under the control of an evil manicurist who is out to get revenge on a rival nail salon.

Sis-KaBOOM-Bah! (Season 4, Episode 15)Edit

Clover and Mandy, competing for the title of head cheerleader, are both brainwashed by a videotape and join an army of other brainwashed cheerleaders intent on breaking villain Candy Sweet out of prison.

Spy Soccer (Season 4, Episode 21)Edit

Alex's new soccer coach turns her into a star player, but also takes control of her mind.

Evil Gymnasts (Season 5, Episode 8)Edit

Jerry and the Spies travel to Paris and uncover a scheme involving a gymnastics team, their evil coach, and brainwashing.

Evil Sorority (Season 5, Episode 9)Edit

Clover's new sorority uses mind-controlling pledge pins to turn its members into a criminal mob.

Evil Shoe Designer (Season 5, Episode 10)Edit

Special mind-controlling boots allow a crazed fashion designer to take control of his critics.

Virtual Stranger (Season 5, Episode 11)Edit

The Spies discover that their friend Britney has been possessed by a virtual demon and is using her to destroy them.

WHOOPerize Me! (Season 5, Episode 12)Edit

The hot new exercise video on campus includes top-secret moves that are taught exclusively at WHOOP headquarters. The Spies try to find out who is leaking details of their secret training routines, only to discover that the exercise video is also hypnotizing its viewers.

The Show Must Go On... Or Else (Season 5, Episode 19)Edit

Clover joins a theater class, where the instructor is using hypnosis on the students.

Nine Lives (Season 6, Episode 2) Edit

A half-cat, half-human villain called Feline Dion tries to turn everyone in the world into cat people. Alex manages to stop her holding a Clover's earring and use it as a pendulum in front of the villain which leaves her in a trance. At the end Alex is hypnotized too.