Viper was a 1996-1999 Canadian/American syndicated television series about a team of government agents who use a superpowered Dodge Viper and other advanced technology to fight crime. It was a continuation of the 1993-1994 television series of the same name.

Forget Me Not (Season 1, Episode 14) Edit

Terrorists kidnap and brainwash Gwen Reardon (Walker Brandt) into stealing a deadly nerve gas compound from her research lab. At their hideout, the terrorists have the brainwashed Gwen read a statement in support of their cause, and make it look as if she has murdered another hostage. The Viper team manages to track down the terrorists, but they order Gwen to hold the team at bay while they escape. The team manages to subdue Gwen without violence.

To clear up loose ends, the terrorists follow her to the team's safehouse and re-trigger her to lure her outside, but they fail to kill her. The Viper team uses their technology to help Gwen to remember details about her brainwashing. This leads them to a convention hall where a number of dignitaries have gathered. Gwen helps the team to disarm the nerve gas while other team members subdue the terrorists.

Unfortunately, the terrorists have also planted a suggestion in Gwen's mind that she is to kill a certain general on sight. When he arrives after the nerve gas scare is over, Gwen pulls a gun on him, but Frankie (Joe Nipote) is able to reach her and break the programming.

A few days later, Frankie drops by the lab only to discover that Gwen has no memory of him, her brainwashing, or her time with the team. She briefly stops to asks him if she knows him from somewhere before returning to her research.